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What is ISO 28007-1:2015?

ISO 28007 was published in 2015 and replaces ISO/PAS 28007:2012 which was introduced due to rapid growth in the number of maritime security companies and the implications of using PCASP (legal issues, safety concerns for seafarers and varying national regulations).

ISO 28007 gives guidelines containing additional sector-specific requirements, which PMSCs wishing to comply with ISO 28000 can implement to demonstrate that they provide appropriate PCASP services on board ships. Compliance to the ISO 28007 specification demonstrated by ISO 28000 certification.

The supply chains of commerce are increasingly complex and vulnerable – particularly at sea. Providing assurance up and down the chain helps generate competitive edge and reduces reputational risk and costs. The security of seaborne trade underpins much international trade – particularly as emerging economies seek to exploit and export their materials.

The combination of ISO 28000 and ISO 28007 provides organisations and agencies with assurance that the highest level of performance is enshrined.

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